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This site is dedicated to reviewing products from an independent point of view. Wherever possible we want to provide measurements, not just guesswork. We don't "suck up" to suppliers for ad revenue or freebies, so we can express honest and forthright opinions. The author is allergic to hype and marketing BS, and will expose its lies and misleading information wherever possible. Your opinions and comments are welcome and encouraged.

Much of the original content of this site was published as a series of blog articles, which came to be known as "The Great Defrag Shootout". But a blog doesn't really provide the right format for this kind of information, so a separate web site (this one) is under construction.

Web Design

The Text editor used is EditPad Pro, which is great for hand-coded HTML such as this. The menu system was developed by Steve Gibson from grc.com.

The fonts on this site are: Antique Olive Compact (in a graphic for the main title), Liberation Sans (for the menus), and Droid Serif for the headings and text. In case your browser does not support fonts from typekit.com, you may see Georgia, Times New Roman or Times for the text, and Helvetica or Tahoma for the menus. I am using TypeKit because it works on Linux, Windows and the Mac, so everyone should get to see the same basic page design, even if you've never installed any fonts before. I have tested the site using the Ubuntu 9.10 boot CD, and on my Nokia 6303 phone.

Liberation Sans is an open source font and is particularly legible and clear for menus and small text. Droid Serif is also open source, and the letters are slightly larger than Times or Liberation Serif, hence the choice for the boxy text.

Comments and Interaction

Comments are encouraged and welcomed, except for spam. Please do not be abusive or off-topic. The Disqus commenting system is available on most pages, so feel free to leave comments on the most appropriate pages. You are welcome to post relevant links in the comments, but please be careful to avoid publishing phone numbers or email addresses, for obvious reasons.

Many of the features on this site require Javascript: comments, fonts, analytics, ads. The site does not rely on any other scripting technology such as Silverlight or Flash, to reduce the risk of malware. The menus do not use Javascript, so even a really basic browser should be able to navigate this site. If you are using ad blockers or script blockers I understand. This site works well with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 or above. It has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4, and Ubuntu 9.10. There were some font incompatibilities with Opera that were resolved with version 10.6.

Adverts, Revenue, etc.

This site provides advertising via Google AdSense, so if you want to advertise on the site, you'll need to buy some ads from Google. If you are the publisher of any form of defragmentation utility, I want to hear from you. I am happy to run benchmark tests of beta products and send you the results, provided I do not have to sign any onerous non-disclosure agreements. If you want the results embargoed until the official launch date of the product, that's fine, provided you tell me when the launch date is.

There is no other source of revenue from this site. I do not collect email addresses or other personal information to pass on or sell to anyone else. You will not receive any spam from this domain, or from me.


The author of this web site is Donn Edwards. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has been using and programming computers since 1981. He is currently a database programmer, working primarily with Microsoft Access and SQL Server. He also has a background in publishing and enjoys listening to audio books. His blog is called "Insights and Rants" and his software company is "Black and White Inc". He is self-employed: this web site is a non-profit hobby.

Personal note: I am not a bigot when it comes to personal computers and operating systems. I have used several, including HP 1000 minicomputers, MS DOS, Windows 1.0 onwards, Macintosh OS (68000 based) and MacOS X, and 3 different versions of Linux. I use Windows daily, mainly because I am a Microsoft Access programmer. Sadly, Access is only available on Windows, so I'm stuck. I have an Ubuntu boot CD that I use to test all my web sites. I cannot justify the cost of an Apple notebook, even if it ran Windows.

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