All Windows Defragmentation Utilities

Stand-alone products, listed alphabetically by product name (for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 unless otherwise noted).

Product Name Type Cost $ Web Site More
Advanced DefragCommercial34.95[link][info page]
Ashampoo Magical DefragCommercial9.99[link][info page]
Auslogics Disk DefragFreeware0[link][info page]
Auslogics Disk Defrag ProCommercial29.95[link][info page]
Buzzsaw and DIRMSCommercial10.00[link][info page]
ContigFreeware0[link][info page]
Defrag-A-File 2.0Commercial7.97[link][info page]
Defrag TimerCommercial19.00[link][info page]
Defrag WinnerCommercial29.95[link][info page]
DefragglerFreeware0[link][info page]
DefragMentor Command LineCommercial24.90[link][info page]
DefragMentor Outlook AcceleratorCommercial24.90[link][info page]
DefragMentor PremiumCommercial24.90[link][info page]
Diskeeper HomeCommercial29.95[link][info page]
Diskeeper ProfessionalCommercial64.95[link][info page]
Diskeeper ServerCommercial374.95[link][info page]
DiskMagikCommercial29.95[link][info page]
FragExtFreeware0[link][info page]
Free Disk DefragFreeware0[link][info page]
FULL-DISKfighterCommercial19.95[link][info page]
HDiskDefrag (In German)Freeware0[link][info page]
mst Defrag HomeCommercial19.50[link][info page]
mst Defrag WorkstationCommercial29.90[link][info page]
MyDefragFreeware0 (or donate)[link][info page]
myDefragmenterFreeware0[link][info page]
O&O Defrag ProfessionalCommercial49.95[link][info page]
O&O Defrag WorkstationCommercial49.98[link][info page]
Power Defragmenter GUIFreeware0[link][info page]
PageDefragFreeware0[link][info page]
32-bit XP only
PerfectDisk HomeCommercial29.99[link][info page]
PerfectDisk ProCommercial39.99[link][info page]
PerfectDisk Pro BusinessCommercial39.99[link][info page]
PerfectDisk ServerCommercial99.99[link][info page]
Puran DefragFreeware0[link][info page]
Rapid File Defragmentor LiteFreeware0[link][info page]
Rapid File DefragmentorCommercial14.95[link][info page]
SmartDefrag™Freeware0[link][info page]
SpeeDefragFreeware0[link][info page]
SpeedItUp FREE (Virus warning)Freeware0[link][info page]
UltimateDefragCommercial29.95[link][info page]
UltraDefragOpen Source0[link][info page]
VoptCommercial40.00[link][info page]
WinContigFreeware0[link][info page]
Windows Disk DefragmenterCommercialincluded in WinXP/Vista/7[info page]
Windows PowerToolsFreeware0[link][info page]
Click on a column heading to change the sort order. All "$" prices are USD. Prices may vary, depending on supplier, and applicable discounts and promotions.

Defrag Utilities in a Software Suite

Alphabetically by suite name (for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7 unless otherwise noted):

Product Name Type Cost $ Web Site More
Acebyte Utilities Free VersionFreeware0[link][info page]
Acebyte Utilities Full VersionCommercial*49.95[link][info page]
Auslogic BoostSpeedFreeware0[link][info page]
Mindsoft DriveCareCommercial2.95[link][info page]
Norton UtilitiesCommercial49.99[link][info page]
PC Pitstop OptimizeCommercial29.99[link][info page]
PC Tools™ Performance ToolkitCommercial39.99[link][info page]
PerfectSpeed PC OptimizerCommercial39.99[link][info page]
Puran UtilitiesFreeware0[link][info page]
Speedy PCCommercial29.95[link][info page]
Fix-It Utilities™ 14 ProfessionalCommercial33.29[link][info page]
TuneUp UtilitiesCommercial49.95[link][info page]
Click on a column heading to change the sort order. All "$" prices are USD. Prices may vary, depending on supplier, and applicable discounts and promotions.
*=Commercial version: $49.95 for a "lifetime" license per PC, or $19.95/year for subscription license.

Defrag Utilities for Servers Only

Many of the workstation products may be used on a server, but these are not listed here, since they do not have server-specific features. Listed alphabetically by product name (for Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 unless otherwise noted):

Product Name Type Cost $ Web Site More
Diskeeper ServerCommercial374.95[link][info page]
mst Defrag ServerCommercial89.90[link][info page]
O&O Defrag Server EditionCommercial296.31[link][info page]
PerfectDisk ServerCommercial99.99[link][info page]
PerfectDisk for ExchangeCommercial399.99[link][info page]
PerfectDisk Hyper-VCommercial599.99[link][info page]
Click on a column heading to change the sort order. All "$" prices are USD. Prices may vary, depending on supplier, and applicable discounts and promotions.

Offline/Boot Time Defrag

These programs offer the option of doing a defrag at "boot time" (when the PC is still starting up):

Product Name Type Cost $ Web Site More
Auslogics Disk Defrag ProCommercial29.95[link][info page]
Diskeeper ProfessionalCommercial59.95[link][info page]
PageDefragFreeware0[link][info page] 32-bit XP only
PerfectDisk ProfessionalCommercial39.99[link][info page]
Puran DefragFreeware0[link][info page]
UltimateDefragCommercial29.95[link][info page]
UltraDefragFree, Open Source0[link][info page]

These programs require the use of a boot CD and use their own operating system to do the defrag; i.e. not using the safe Windows API calls:

Product Name Type Cost $ Web Site More
Paragon Total DefragCommercial29.95[link][info page]
Partition LogicFreeware0[link][info page]

No Longer Available

No longer developed, or available for sale, or for download:

Product Name Type Comment
Abexo Defragmenter Pro PlusCommercialweb site no longer working [review]
DefragExpressCommercial[link] No longer for sale
DiskTuneFreewareNo longer available
fragdownFreeware[link] Original Author's site no longer available
hsDefragSaverLegacy Product[link]
JKDefragFree, Open Source[link] Replaced by MyDefrag (see above)
Multiple ApplicatorFreeware[link] Original Author's site no longer available
Nova Disk Accelerator ProCommercialNo longer listed in products page [link]
PC Mesh Defrag for Windows 4.0Commercialweb site no longer working
Power DefragCommercial[link] Original Author's site no longer available
Quicksys Disk DefragFreewareweb site no longer working
Smashing Defrag 3.4Commercialweb site no longer working
UnityPro Disk Idle OptimiserFreeware[link] Original Author's site no longer available
Ultimate Defrag 1.72FreewareNo longer offered. 30 Day free trial of version 4 offered instead.
Winternals Defrag ManagerCommercialBought out by Microsoft, no longer sold.

Fake disk defraggers (Scareware)*

Reported by GFI Labs Blog and Spyware Void. These programs display convincing error messages that trick you into paying the scam artist to "fix" the "problem". They perform no useful function other than to enrich the scam artist.

Product Name Type Cost $ Removal Page More
DefragmenterMalware$$[remove][info page]
Disk RepairMalware$$[remove][info page]
Fast DiskMalware$$[remove][info page]
HDD ControlMalware$$[remove][info page]
HDD DefragmenterMalware$$[remove][info page]
HDD DiagnosticMalware$$[remove][info page]
HDD RepairMalware$$[remove][info page]
HDD LowMalware$$[remove][info page]
HDD PlusMalware$$[link][info page]
HDDoctorMalware$$[remove][info page]
Memory FixerMalware$$[remove][info page]
My DiskMalware$$[remove][info page]
Quick DefragmenterMalware$$[remove][info page]
PCoptomizerMalware$$[link][info page]
ScannerMalware$$[remove][info page]
Smart DefragmenterMalware$$[remove][info page]
Ultra DefraggerMalware$$[remove][info page]
Win HDDMalware$$[remove][info page]
Click on a column heading to change the sort order. Note how many names are confusingly similar to legitimate utilities. Check out or for help in removing these programs.

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See Also

See the article on "Before You Defrag Your PC" for advice on speeding up your PC and reducing risk, and "Why Defragmentation is Needed" for a more detailed look at defrag strategies and tips.

Much of this information was originally published in The Great Defrag Shootout

The Paragon Total Defrag 2007 (US$29.95) help file has an excellent summary of disk defragmentation, Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentwith diagrams. DiskTrix UltimateDefrag (US$39.95) has a help file that Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentexplains the theory in more detail.

Wikipedia has a table/list of Defrag software, but it is incomplete, and the editors keep deleting references to products.

Gizmo's Reviews of most Freeware defrag programs

Note - If there are any updates, missing programs or other inaccuracies, please let us know so that the list can be corrected. Also, if you are a vendor/author/tech support person for any one of these products, please contact us.

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